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  • Why I’ll Be Single Forever Pt II: Appreciating Abstinence & Singlehood

    I came into my thirties a single woman with no kids and no obligations. I’m looking around and a good majority of my friends have either gotten married or started families by now. Even if they’re not doing the family thing in a traditional way, they’ve created a little broke bestie to love on them […]

  • I’ll Probaby Be Single Forever: Here’s Why

    I’ll Probaby Be Single Forever: Here’s Why

    Why are you single? Real question, where your man at? Write a blog about that. We need this mystery explained. Give us the truth…. I remember one day I was walking through the airport, can’t remember where I was going, but I watched a lady walk pass me with her shoulders out. She was white, […]

  • Why Nice Guys Finish Last – Finale

    Why Nice Guys Finish Last – Finale

    Going out on dates with EA was cool. I liked that he was always well behaved, showing me that he was nothin less than a gentleman. He held all of the doors, he paid for the dates, he didn’t mind driving and he always checked up on me throughout the day, even when he was […]

  • Why Nice Guys Finish Last (Pt 2)

    Why Nice Guys Finish Last (Pt 2)

    “Whatever we do, we gonna do it together” – Edible Arrangement Prior to this year, I never knew dudes really had a care in the world about Valentine’s day. Edible Arrangement did. I won’t get all deep and philosophical about why I wasn’t tripping off of the day. I just wasn’t dating any one seriously […]

  • Why Nice Guys Finish Last (Pt 1)

    Why Nice Guys Finish Last (Pt 1)

    The Delivery. It was my first day back from work after a 7-day cruise on the Carnival Horizon ship where I was doing everything for the first time. It was January 2nd, to be exact; I felt refreshed and happy to be back in the office. I guess I felt that way because it was […]

  • Never Trust A Big Butt & A Smile – The Finale

    You ever gave up on a person and didn’t exactly know why? It could’ve been for supercial or shallow reasons such as looks or even the way a person dress. When done, we subconsciously self-sabotage our relationships without giving them a chance to grow into something, even if it isn’t meant to be something. The […]

  • Big Booty Chronicles – Never Trust A Big Butt & A Smile (Scene Two)

    People will always choose to see what they want to see in you. Just like I choose to see the good in people, different situations and circumstances because that’s just who I am as an individual. Even after reading that last post, some niggas are still gonna think negative when they hear or say Never […]

  • Big Booty Chronicles – Never Trust A Big Butt and A Smile

    When I hear never trust a big butt and a smile I think of a lot of shit including you but I don’t trust women anyway. Good and bad shit come to mind, it’s like dealing with anything in life that you want… all that glitters aint gold. I had some like that women but […]

  • Big Booty Chronicles: The I N T E R M I S S I O N

    Here’s an addition to Part III. The Real. Raw & Uncut. 🌹 The name(s) Big Booty Judy/Judy, promoted the glorification of having a developed body. Doing simple things isn’t normal. No more going to stores in anything, because whether I looked my best or not, someone was gonna look at my ass and make a […]

  •  Big Booty Chronicles – IIIPEAT

    Bonita Applebum – A Tribe Called Quest | Rumpshaker – WreckX-N-Effect | Ms. New Booty – Bubba Sparxxx ft Ying Yang Twins | Ms. Fat Booty – Mos Def | Back That Azz Up – Juvenile  Those are all of the songs about big booties that I can say off tops were my favorite coming […]