Big Booty Chronicles – IIIPEAT

Bonita Applebum – A Tribe Called Quest | Rumpshaker – WreckX-N-Effect | Ms. New Booty – Bubba Sparxxx ft Ying Yang Twins | Ms. Fat Booty – Mos Def | Back That Azz Up – Juvenile 

Those are all of the songs about big booties that I can say off tops were my favorite coming up.

That horn at the beginning of rump shaker let you know it’s bout to go down and the small intro in the beginning of Bonita Applebum get you curious about how the rest of the song sounds. It’s a trip into the 90s. I low key wanted my name to be Bonita just because of that song lol. “Colle Park, Bubba Sparxxxx!” The first four shouts of booty in Ms. New Booty is guaranteed to get your ass shaking along with “Cash money records takin ova for the 99 and the 2000’s”. That beginning come on and every girl gotta stop, look at they friends, and arch that byke (back lol) real quick. Last but not least, Ms. Fat Booty. EASILY a classic, the story telling in rap and hip hop has always been my favorite rap style. I felt like Mos Def described me with the lines “ass so phat that you can see it from the front” because I’ve heard that a lot throughout the years.  My favorite: “honey was so blazin, she was just… yo, she was like Jayne Kennedy, word is bond. To my mother man, she was THAT ill man”. 

It’s 2005 and I’m in tenth grade now. I’m starting making small strides to finding myself. You know how people give you nicknames growin up? Well, when I was a kid, my nicknames were so innocent and modest. Brit Brit and Boobie were my favorite. But as I got older, I somehow adopted names that related to my body. For a long time I subconsciously went by “Britany with the big butt”. It was a name or phrase rather, that I somehow learned to answer to. Did I like it? I mean…I didn’t really dislike it. It came with the territory. Britany was such a common name that it just sort of came as a given. So I answered to it. How did people distinguish me from any other Britany, Britney, Brittany, Britani, regardless of the spelling I was always Britany with the big butt or as dudes would say, “Britany with the phat ass”. The phat ass part of the name always gave me a weird feeling. It was almost like there was a lack of respect for me and my body, I don’t think any dude ever thought of how that made me feel to be called that. I was never called that to my face which made it even more interesting. However, on a more positive note, the name also shed light on acceptance. As I mentioned before, I struggled with the uniqueness and the confidence to really own what I had. The nicknames kind of helped in a sense.

You know how when you were young, you found interest in people but it was mainly centered around looks. That was where a lot of my crushes came from, looks. Another crush of mine also came around in the midst of me finding myself and figuring out who I was and wanted to be. During this time I was pretty much over Romeo and the rumor that went around in 9th grade. I saw him around here and there but he was no longer my crush. I had eyes on someone new, someone who I always thought was real cool. Especially because he was always fly, he always looked tight in his polo and rugby shirts and cargo shorts. The thing about him was that he didn’t go to Largo too. MySpace was like the birth of social media for us besides Blackplanet. So I would go to his Myspace page often because I didn’t see him that much. Who is this guy you ask? I like to think of him as a El Niño or something. Because once we got older he got tatted up crazy and he resided in a city that best suited his cool lifestyle. I’m going to refer to him as Money Mitch cause Mitch was my favorite character in the classic movie Paid In Full. What that has to do with person I’m referring to? Nothing. Lol. Carrying on, in the movie, Mitch ALWAYS looked good; I loved him lol, (the actual character). One of the things that everybody spoke of in reference to Mitch was his smile. His smile was…just beautiful. Of course in reality I’m referring to a Mekhi Phipher as he played Mitch but whatever lol. It was the character that I loved. He didn’t play about his cleanliness, his family or his money. He meant business and it showed in his demeanor. Because of those things, I had a admiration for Money Mitch. He always had a nice smile as well. My like for Money Mitch was always somewhat mysterious because all I ever really knew about him was that he had a love for animals, especially dogs. So in return, anytime I got the chance to make conversation with him, we talked about dogs. Like I said, crushes at this age (15) was about looks. But I couldn’t like him that much because he always had a girlfriend, therefore I just let my crush for him simmer over the years. At this point in life, I’m still figuring out the flirting thing anyway. You may hear about him later in the blog but for now we’ll just keep it short and sweet. Money Mitch been around for years, so my crush had never really went away. He was always around he was someone who never went forgotten about. I’m still battling myself with the thought of my own insecurities so it never crossed my mind that Money Mitch would like me back. Same feeling I felt with Romeo, that basically if he did like me, I would know the reason why. It’s not to say that all boys actually felt this way but I couldn’t help but think it. Remember what daddy said is what I would tell myself, boys only think with the head in their pants, not the head on their shoulders. You’ll go through four years of high school and the boys won’t be as mature as you, you got titties, you got ass, you pretty, boys are gonna like you because of those reasons, that’s what mommy said. Need I reiterate that high school crushes and shit was just about looks. It was never easy believing things a boy said, yet I took the risk from time to time. I just wasn’t risky enough to have sex. It was never worth it in my opinion. It wasn’t until I was a little older that I heard Money Mitch even inquire about me, and I heard that he thought that I was beautiful. I always wondered if when a boy tells you later in life that he’s always liked you if it’s just game? Or is it the truth? Let them tell it, they just couldn’t say anything about liking you or the timing was off lol. Money Mitch certainly played a vital role in my life though. We’ll get back to him much later, but for now just remember the name. I met him before just right before another glow up, with no idea of what I became part of. How random things

Prior to the gogos held at Largo, my brother and I was always familiar with the music. Our parents listened to Chuck Brown (who’s parents didn’t lol), RE (rare essence), Junkyard, Back, and Northeast Groovers just to name a few. Needless to say that gogo lives in us. Where some people stopped listening to gogo after a certain time, he and I couldn’t. It’s just part of who we are to hear it and feel it. It’s nothin like the sound of a crankin socket beat, you can’t help but nod your head or just simply move your body with your cup in your hand. Just two steppin and groovin. I started off going to the Neon. I remember one of my first times there, it was one of Largo’s homecomings after the principal got fired for stealing money. Ever since then they didn’t allow gogos to be held in our gym anymore. But the neon was love. I remember the first time I ever heard TOB. Their first cd was a straight 30 minute track. It cranked from beginning to end, non stop. And it’s crazy that CCB was coming out with Hennessy & Weed and Miss My Dawgs, we danced to those songs at house parties and now they’re defined as classics. Before the birth of the bounce beat, TCB alwaysss got me hype when I heard Chiggy album or any of the clapping songs. They played slower back then though. In the gogo was where I really claimed a name that allowed me to honor my body, the popularity around it allowed me to feel accepted and even loved. 

One day my bestie Zindzi♥️ and I, were listening to Fatal Attraction in my mom’s living room. By this time, we were already going to different gogos and having it up crazy. To think that gogo was really life for us and I know that a lot of y’all can relate. We looked forward to it every weekend, our parents took turns dropping us off and picking us up. I even promoted some shows to get in for free. Anyways we were listening to one of their songs, I can’t quite remember and we heard the ending of a song that stuck out to us. PARTY Girl$. How we heard it, we don’t know but it was definitely not what they said lol. We took the name and ran with it though. Neal was in the up and coming XIB and they were the first to put us on. We went to school with like half of the band so we made one big family. I remember my 16th birthday like it was yesterday, they played at the VFW in forestville. Lo was the singer though and Cook was playing the guitar. Our lil squad was lit. Next thing you know me and Zin friends from school started bein wit it and we got known for partying. I’ll never forget going to the CFE one day for one of those 20/20 shows. Pay $20 and see $20 bands play, that meant we spent the entire day in the gogo man, those were the day parties for us. I was walking from the front of the club to the back and this dude came up to me. He was way taller than me, brown skin with a haircut. It was the first time I saw anybody with tattoos on their hands. He spoke with crazy energy. I don’t remember how the conversation went but he left with my number that night. Alias will be Marvin the Martian cause he was always off his astronaut shit. Marvin the Martian at the time, was part of a new band called Allstarz. This band in particular was made up of ppl from various bands hence the name. Marvin the Martian was always live. I remember before I met him or even knew who he was rather, he was in the neon with a freakin fur coat It was rumored for a while that he and I was a couple but I didn’t want to claim that. I was smart enough to know, he was in a band and got a lot of attention. I remember my first time going to see him, it was like an adventure and Mama Sonya was with me. I took the train and bus to see him. I had just cut my hair into a razor cut and he hated it lol. But he still tried to do it to me that day. There were a lot of periods in my life where I was just naive. I don’t know why I was going to the Martian’s house that day. For real. I don’t know what I thought we was going to be doing. I wasn’t even chillen with boys. What I took from that experience was that sometimes it’s really not all about looks, at the end of the day, p**sy ain’t got no face. Niggas was on they shit man. “Money over bitches nigga stick to the script”, probably hitting everything walking. It’s crazy, I don’t know how we got close, we just somehow did. But because he and I were talking, it pretty much helped put Party Girls$ on the map. Plus, hanging with Marvin the Martian was fun. He was like spontaneous and me on the other hand, I was shy, just really getting out into the world. It was because of Marvin though, that I did meet and make new friends. The band grew to be like family to me. Now we (Party Girl$) started venturing out to different shows and we even had Yani Miami and Li$$a up in Gaithersburg puttin on. Sometimes we would split up and go two different shows in one day. I had declared Allstarz & XIB as “my bands” because they both showed us love and we showed them love back. We went to most if not all of their shows and always had fun.

Y’all already KNOW what time it is. Atl came out in March 2005.  Somewhere in between the summer and in the midst of the Party Girl$ movement, I began to go by a name other than Britany and Britany with the phat ass. Still unwillingly, I was called this other name but this time around I was happy about it. My other Bestfriend LOVER🌻 gave me the name, a new identity. Anybody who knows me know exactly what I’m talking about. She got a big booty, so they call her big booty (skirt | skirt) / That one line pretty much says it all. Once LOVER🌻 started calling me Big Booty Judy🍑, everybody caught onto it. EVERYBODY. It was like a sweet epidemic and I never felt any disrespect behind it. Everybody in school, outside of school and in the gogo was calling me Big Booty Judy🍑. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, friends, cousins and who ever else started calling me Big Booty Judy🍑. Eventually it just became Judy for short. So I ran with it. I can’t lie, I loved the name, I loved what my friends and I stood for. We had a reputation for being cool, attractive and positive. And best of all, nobody had anything sexual to say about me. I was still a virgin and niggas knew not to try me. Ask anybody and they’ll tell you. Securing my reputation was very important to me. I was determined to keep a clean slate. We got so much love it was crazy. I’ll never forget when me and Zin was in her bedroom. A ringtone was randomly sent to her phone, it was Allstarz.  The clip played one of the first times they recorded Reggaetone. And Marvin the Martin had got us out the way crazyyyy. Man me and Zin was so hype. I vaguely remember who started it but I do remember that was one of our first times hearing “Party Girl$ it’s your world”. That’s when we really knew shit was real. We made a name for ourselves and it stemmed from having fun. Tenth grade was really the start of how lit life started to be. 

“My gear is in and I’m in the IN crowd, and all the wavy light-skinned girls is lovin me now. My self-esteem went thru the roof man I got my swag, got a Volvo from this girl when her man got bagged” – Hov

I know exactly how Jay felt when he spit that line. I started coloring my hair and playing round with different looks. Next thing you know I’m a blonde with the short cut. Everybody said I resembled Keyshia Cole. I was feeling and looking good. But I didn’t overdo it with the confidence thing, staying humble was something I always remained. That was part of my reputation. I wanted people to say that I never changed. I still spoke to everybody at school, and in the gogos even if I didn’t know them. I started getting mad attention from boys. It did make a difference in what I thought of myself, I can’t pretend that it didn’t. The part that no one talks about though, is how people tend to date by status. You see, when you or someone else makes a name for you, the attraction goes beyond looks. People want to know you just because someone else may know you. They want to be able to say they know you in some sort of way. They want you to be in their pictures, just because. I’m not saying this in a way to sound arrogant, I’m speaking MY truth. This is what I experienced and it wasn’t bad. It was fun, I felt cool. I felt popular. I was hearing my name in songs and I’m really tellin dudes that my name is Judy too. Judy had respect behind it. I was much more accepting of it than Britany with the phat ass or with the big butt. Every time I met someone new they’d always say “now I see why everybody call you big booty Judy”. 

I’m meeting all types of people and I got my first lil job at Coldstone Creamery. Money Mitch used to come up in the joint and get a free strawberry mango smoothie every time. Of course I looked out, I liked him duh lol. The exposure to various crowds at Coldstone was interesting too. One time a man walked in and starred at me. As mentioned in part II, older men see you, notice you, realize your young and still try their hand. I had some clear lip gloss on my lips, the one that comes from bath &a body works. My lips looked full as anybody who has seen me in person to see I got a pair of soup coolers on my face lol. The guy complimented me on them by saying they were sexy. I was maybe around 17. I felt that it was weird, I guess because I’m still learning how to take compliments but that was probably the first time someone referred to me or anything about me as sexy. I somehow went from being cute to sexy. With all of that being said, my attention was split so many ways at this period of my life, this was when I realized the importance of choosing and choosing wisely. I liked Money Mitch, I was cool wit Marvin the Martian too. Sure, there were other lil crushes here and there but nothing came from them. It was about looks. The ones I meant ion here, have somehow made a significant impact on my life. There may have been a few, but there’s always that one that you never forget. I would tell you who or what I’m talkin bout now but it wouldn’t be like me to just tell you and not leave you guessing. 👻

8 responses to “ Big Booty Chronicles – IIIPEAT”

  1. Crazy!! I remember when y’all first yalls GoGo. And I don’t remember who started “party girls it’s ya world”, but I remember XIB being the first band I heard stamp it! This is definitely taking back!! WE NEED MORE. Keep it up!


  2. I’m so proud of you brit brit! To share your story so that other may learn from it is so brave. Reading this and reminiscing on conversations we have had growing up. It’s crazy how things change and stay the same at the same time.


    • Thank you I love you so much! It’s so crazy to look back at where we came from, humble beginnings ♥️


  3. lol I still remember the day we came to school and as soon as we walked in everyone was like “P@rty Girl$ it’s your woorrrrldd” People heard the recording before we even caught wind of it and the rest is history lmao #Memories


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